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Dos and Don'ts in decoration

Sometimes we wish somebody had told us what to do and what not to do when we are about to make a huge investments. The Homepage has a few recommendations to make when you are redecorating your place or even starting from scratch:
1st: Outline plan
2nd: Look & feel
3rd: Colors
4th: Items
5th: Spaces
6th: Themes
7th: Settings & arrangements
8th: Quality
9th: Practicality & maintenance
10th: Budget

We will now explore the outline plan, look & feel, and colors. So, stay tuned to the rest!

1. Outline plan
√ Do know your own preferences and favorite styles before you buy anything:
e.g. check out home design magazines and websites, read about the art of décor, go window shopping at different showrooms, attend expos.

√ Do put each room’s floor plan down in writing and drawing. Always keep a copy with you during shopping for the different decorating items. It will help you visualize better and make more educated decisions.
e.g. Metric measurements, dimensions, windows and balconies (locations/ measurements/ style), and power outlets
(You can use free software available on the internet or simply a manual sketch pad)
√ Do recognize your practical needs:
e.g. Will you be having your daily meals in the kitchen, or the living room, or the dining room? Do you actually need a guest room, or could you just entertain your visitors in the living room? Do you need a study/ office space?

√ Do bear in mind your building’s architectural style when you are designing your interiors.
e.g. If you live in a building with high ceilings, it would be better to use large pieces of furniture to capitalize on the grandeur of the architecture.
X Don’t rush into buying stuff that you don’t know for sure how you will fit together.
X Don’t start working on the walls and floors before you decide on the décor style you are going to adopt.
X Don’t expect or sweat over picture perfect! Too much obsession over tidiness and symmetry takes the soul and the human touch out of the place.

2. Look and feel
√ Do have some work done on the room’s structure (ceiling, walls, and floors) to make it more interesting.
e.g. Place some flower-like crown casts on ceiling beams, edges, and support columns.
√ Do use a diversity of fabric textures in the same room. The contrasts will add livelihood to the room.
e.g. velvet, cotton, satin, silk, wool, linen, leather, etc.
X Don’t place too many photos of yourself and/ or your family. It can alienate your guests and take away the serenity of your home.
X Don’t implement certain styles just because they are fashionable. You need to feel the comfort of your own home.

3. Colors
√ Do explore the different shades and characteristics of every color.
e.g. Light or dark, cool or warm, pale or bright
√ Do take samples. You need to carefully examine them in your room daylight and at night time.
e.g. paints, furniture fabrics, curtains, floor tiles, etc.
√ Do ask your contractor/ handyman to paint you a few try-outs (of different colors and shades) before you go ahead and paint the whole room.
X Don't choose everything of the same color no matter how much you love it. You are bound to get bored of it eventually.
X Don't paint the backgrounds in your favorite color (especially if it is a flashy one). You will soon get bored of it as it will be spread on a wide scale.
e.g. Paint your walls with soft shades to make your favorite color stand out in a highlighted piece of furniture.
X Don't overlook the common influences of colors on people’s mood
e.g. Orange and red are stimulating, yellow and white are refreshing, green is reassuring, purple and light blue are comforting, brown is relaxing, black is mystifying, etc.
X Don't paint your walls first. Paints are at avail, and much more cost effective and easier to mix than all the other decorating items.
X Don't pick out a shade of color that is so hard to find in other items. It will also be hard to find other colors to blend with.
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